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Hindu Wedding Vows

The following Hindu wedding vows were recited at Anamika and Atharv’s nuptials and were sent to us by the couple, who mentioned how much the Desh-Videsh wedding-specific issue helped in planning their wedding. This poetry was composed by Anamika. We are publishing here with their consent. Additionally, they have informed us that any newlyweds are […]


  The original text of the saptapadi was written in Hindu scripture in Sanskrit language. For many, it can be too complicated to understand practical meaning. One Hindu Scripture and English Scholar (whose name is unknown) put these slokas of saptapadi in a romantic way as follows: Walk with me four steps and three, I […]

Hindu wedding: an eternal bond

For a Hindu family, a wedding serves as the fulfillment of one of the nine sanskars of life, in addition to being a festivity and celebration. In other words, marriage is a duty that every Hindu must fulfill since it is a matter of moral and religious obligation, and is required of everyone in all […]

Hindu Weddings

With sacred fire and holy chants,Two hearts beat as one,As they make vows of eternal love,Under the bright, shining sun. With Saat Phere, they take seven rounds,Promising to walk hand in hand,Together they vow to build a life,That’s filled with love, trust, and stand. With the Mangal Sutra, they seal their bond,As they vow to […]

2019 MyShadi Bridal Expos: Year in Review

For over 10 years, MyShadi Bridal Expo has been a community event not to be missed by those planning a South Asian wedding. What began as a small bridal show twice a year in Florida, has now grown into a platform for over 85 event vendors taking place in over six different cities across the […]

Bridal by LeTrend Boutique Fashion Show Sponsor

Le Trend Boutique Fashion Show – Participating Models Orlando Fall 2019

Le Trend Boutique – Fashion Show Participating Models JULIA BALES A graduate of Furman University with a degree in computer science and Chinese, Julia spent 2 years in Beijing and 8 years in Hong Kong developing the Asian cruise market. Julia is now chief digital officer for Go Travel in Orlando and enjoys training in […]

Two Most Important, Essential Rituals in Hindu Weddings

Two Most Important, Essential Rituals in Hindu Weddings By Raj Shah

In earlier wedding special issues of Desh-Videsh, I have discussed the importance of wedding rituals in Hindu weddings. A wedding for a Hindu family is not just a party and celebration, but it also fulfills one of the nine sanskars of life. In other words, Marriage, for every Hindu, is not merely pleasure, or romantic […]

Love Poems by Rabindranath Tagore Compiled by Raj Shah

Love Poems by Rabindranath Tagore Compiled by Raj Shah

You are about to get married. No doubt, you have many things on your mind, and expressing endearing words about your soulmate may be hard. Whether for your invitation, wedding programs, or special vows, you might need some inspiration! Often, a great quote about true love, few lines of dialogue, love poem, or song lyrics […]

Nagasree Sathya (Sree)

Miami Ethnic Fashion Show – Participating Models Fort Lauderdale 2019

RIMA ARORA Rima Arora is a dedicated fitness enthusiast, who believes that fitness is a state of mind that can yield miraculous results if it could be transformed into a habit. Rima owns the dance company Dil Se Dance. She loves to teach anyone to dance as she loves teaching and puts her heart and […]

Devam Fashion Show – Participating Models Fort Lauderdale 2019

SHIVANI DESAI Shivani Desai, a civil engineer, earned her master’s degree from the University of Florida and currently works in the construction industry. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, dancing, and exercising. Shivani is also trained in various forms of Indian dance including Bhangra and Bollywood ANIKA DHAM Anika Dham is a junior at […]